Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floors are timeless. Installing hardwood floors into your home is going to bring a style and presentation that will turn your house into a home.

Carpet Floors

Carpet Flooring is the design foundation for your home, bringing all your furniture, walls, artwork, and window treatments together beautifully.

Laminate Floors

Modern laminate floors are aesthetically pleasing, versatile, and are extremely affordable because they can be used anywhere in your home!

We Provide Amazing Options & Customer Service

Our amazing services, and the area’s largest selection of flooring materials, are two of the many factors we take great pride in. At JE Simas Floors, every job is important to us, and we are only happy when you are happy!

Contractors and builders need timely, reliable, and professional workmanship. We guarantee we can handle all of those requirements for your commercial projects, as well as any additional consulting – something a lot of flooring companies in Reno, NV don’t offer. JE Simas Floors on the other hand, we will show you alternative flooring options, and provide you with top-notch engineering and installation servicing for your flooring project.

Vinyl Floors Are Extremely Comfortable!

When you or your guests walk barefoot across your newly installed vinyl floor, you will notice the floor contouring to your feet, making it extremely comfortable to walk on!

Vinyl can be used to replicate the look of different flooring styles, like hardwood or even stone! You are able to use vinyl flooring, literally anywhere throughout your particular building. Modern vinyl floors are designed with a high durability, which means you can install a vinyl floor in places that take a lot of abuse without any worry that it will damage over time (like your kitchen, entryways, moist bathrooms, and so on)

Vinyl flooring is nothing new, and has been around for decades! The difference between today’s vinyl flooring, and the faux flooring of yesteryear, is that today’s vinyl floors closely resemble the texture and depth(look and feel), of any real wood, tile, and/or stone flooring. Also, you can still purchase today’s vinyl flooring either as one large sheet, or in tile pieces – for maximum installation versatility.

Laminate Floors Look Great & Are EasyTo Care For!

Laminate exteriors are designed for stain and moisture resistance, providing you with years of unmatchable protection against those daily scratches and scuffs.


JE Simas Floors has been installing the best flooring in the Reno, Nevada area for years. Our multi-generation, family owned business is the ultimate source for General Contractors, Property Owners and Managers, Custom Home Builders, Interior Designers, Specifiers, and Homeowners.


If you’re installing traditional style floor wood moulding on a floor that is not level, you’re going to end up with gaps…, lots of gaps. This is exactly why we offer floor rubber wall base. With rubber wall base, an unlevel floor is not an issue as it will adapt to the contour of the floor you install it on.

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